To the North, South, East and West, nothing.
The curtain falls. End of Act One.
Publication | 2012

Several stories around an inn that has an historical background connected to the Portuguese regime. The ruins of a space where translated from the gaze to the words, from volume to flatness.
The history of the space has this paradox of being a manifesto against architecture of its time and at the same time it become a symbol of the regime.
Departing from a very concrete prove (the building) and a very subjective experience (ones relation with the space) a fiction was created around a history that the writer did not experience, describing and mediating a space that now it does not exist.


12Vira por14Vira por15Vira por13Vira por

virá por si, naturalmente, sem nomes
exhibition structure | linen canvas | different measures | 2012

A structure inspired by an inn’s architecture, the space in which the action of a publication takes place, “To the North, South, East and West, nothing. | The curtain falls. End of Act One. (2012).
The goal of this project was to organize the space for an exhibition with an architectural structure. Being an open and cold space, the nine canvases that divided the space gave to the space the possibility to be circled in several ways as in the actual place where the architecture is all about the adjustment to the terrain and the feeling of being lost within the space, through the corridors.
The concept and the overall organisation of the exhibition space were strongly discussed with the curator (Grant Watson) since the piece would host the other pieces. It was an opportunity to think about a bridge between the inn (from the publication) that temporarily hosted several people and the architectural structure that would temporarily host some works. Even though the actual space it is now a ruin, solid but a ruin, the piece has a kind of transient feeling like the feeling of being a guest at the inn.