Are you following me?

Dear audience,

I would like to invite you to follow me.

Step forward, door, keys, step, turn-right, step, turn-left, step, door, bed, turn-left, step, turn-left;

DOOR, turn-left, step, turn-right, 2 steps, turn right, step, turn-left, table, 4 steps, turn-right, 2 steps, sofa, turn-right, 4 steps, turn-left, step, cupboard, step, turn-left, 4 steps, turn-right, step, chair, turn-right, window, 3 steps, table, 2 steps, lamp, turn-right, 6 steps;

Are you following me?

DOOR, turn-right, 2 steps, cupboard, turn-right, 2 steps, turn-left, step, door, sink, step, door, painting, turn-left, step, door, cupboard, 4 steps;

DOOR, step, door, turn-right, 2 steps, turn-left, 2 steps, stove, 2 steps, cupboard, 2 steps, tap, 2 steps, window, turn-right, step, door, turn-right, step, turn-right, fridge, turn-left, step, turn-right, step, table, 4 steps;

DOOR, turn-right, mirror, 4 steps, door, keys, step forward.

Are you still following me?

Lara Morais


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