Roll On_project

The project “Roll On” started with a discussing between two artists about how to initiate a constant conversation about one’s work in response to other artists work. The goal is to produce a work in whichever medium, being the first work based on a Becket’s text, “Stirrings still” (Os últimos trabalhos de Samuel Beckett, 1996). And the only “rules” are: the work must be produced in one week and has to be portable, since the place of discussion can be a café, a bar or other available place at the time.
From the second meeting on, each artist must reply to one of the shown work by always following “rules”, one week to produce and portability of the work.
In the meetings each artist shows his work and each work is discussed in detail before the author’s explanation. The goal is to create a chain of replies and a constant production of work, or work beginnings, and also activate a continuous discussion around the artist practice.