1976 Born in Lisbon. Lives and works in Lisbon

2010|12_MFA in the Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2008|09_First year of the MFA in Malmö Art Academy, Lund University, Sweden
2004|07_Advanced course, Maumaus (Independent Art Studies), Lisbon
1995|00_Degree in Painting at the University ARCA-ETAC in Coimbra

2015_Artist in Residence, FAAP-Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, (Grant from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian), Sao Paulo, Brazil
+Artist in Residence, Edges – Migration Art Academy, Reykjavik, Iceland
2014_Artist in Residence – HÔTEL PHILIPPOZ, Switzerland 
2013_Workshop hANDling_tools series, Atelier REAL, Lisbon

2011_Autonomy Project, Summer school, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2003_Multimedia, Flag, Lisbon
2002_Graphic Design, etic (Technological School of image and Communication), Lisbon
2001_Restoration of painting at Spinelli Institute in Florence, Italy

2017_ Performance – A Boneca de Porcelana, a Pequena Amazonas e o Opositor Deficiente – Teatro Cão Solteiro, Lisbon
2016_ Performance – The unlike it is not the impossible I – Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels
+Group exhibition – Processos e Deslocamentos – FAAP, São Paulo, Brazil
+Installation – Genius Loci – produced with Noelle Georg, Lisbon
2015_ Performance – A secret? (Living with…) – São Paulo, Brazil  
+Group performance, JVEA – Jaw Versus Eye Attack – Under (Re)construction – Berlin
+Group exhibition, Edges – Migration Art Academy –  I take my time, I make my space – Reykjavik, Iceland
2014_Group performance, Hôtel Philippoz III – Detachment – To the outside, inside./The one who was watching, not being seen./The one who was watching, taken to be watched after. –  Ayent, Switzerland
+Performance –  Esfericamente em múltiplas direcções – Espaço Mira, Porto 
+Film screening included in the project Oblique International, “The Architect and Housewife” –  home – Rotterdam
2012_Group exhibition, Group Installing, Arnhem, The Netherlands
+Group performance – Routine – Dakar (Senegal) & Arnhem (The Netherlands) +Participates in the performance from Susana Pedrosa, Wolfart Projectspaces, Rotterdam
+Participates in the first [CicloNómada] global cycle of videoart and videoperformance, organised by [SantaEngracia] Artes Integradas, La Tabacalera de Madrid – a Thing.  
+Group exhibition, Three Artists Walk into a Bar…, de AppleAmsterdam
2011_II Video Performance Festival, Escrita na Paisagem – a Thing – Évora
+Group performance – Like Now  (would be good) – Bilbao (Spain) & Arnhem (The Netherlands)
2010_Group exhibition, de HERÓIS está o inferno cheio – Anonymous – Plataforma Revólver/Transboavista, Lisbon
2009_Participates in the project “cctvecstasy” de Paula Rosh, AGM 09 under_ctrl, Nottingham 
+Year exhibition in Malmö Art Academy Portable memory – Malmö
+CirculationsCentralen – unfinished property – Malmö, Sweden  
+Group exhibition, Azad Art Gallery, Limited Access 2 – Golden Thoughts – Tehran 
+Group exhibition, – Portable memory – Lisbon – Diagrams – Lisbon
2007_Group exhibition, “for sale or for rent” – home –Lisbon
+Group exhibition, Everything but the word?…”, Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua Portuguesa (Camões Institute), Lisbon
2005_Group exhibition from Renée Green, Innsbruck, Vienna   
+Group exhibition, “Collision of Territories”, Fundição de Oeiras
+Group exhibition, Toxic”, Fundição de Oeiras
+Group exhibition, Photo Lisbon 2005, “Architecture like something temporary” 
+Group exhibition, Alojamentos” (Lodgings), Lisbon
+Group exhibition, Ver, ser visto e máquinas de ver” (See, be seen and watching machines), French Institute in Portugal, Lisbon
1993|04_YoungArt, Viseu | Young Institute, Lisbon | Municipal Library, Alcácer do Sal | 3rd International Biennial of  Vila Verde | Quadrante Gallery, Loures | Fitares Gallery, Sintra | Municipal Gallery, Almada | “fala só” Cultural space | Vila Verde Bienal | D. Fernando IV Competition, Sintra | Jovarte, Loures | Academy of Fine Arts (FBAUP), Porto | Quadrante Gallery, Odivelas | Municipal Gallery, Póvoa Sta Iria | Culture House, Santa Iria da Azóia   

2016_Visual essay,, Lara Morais
2015_Interview for Stigmart VideoFocus magazine, 
+Publication – I am Her! Am I Her? –  Lara Morais
2012_Publication – To the North, South, East and West, nothing. The curtain falls. End of Act One. –  Lara Morais, Casco & DAI 
+Cadernos de curadoria, João Silvério,
2011_Publication – We didn’t know about the what the who and the why so we decided on the where –  Publishing Class, Casco & DAI
2009_Yearbook, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden
2001_3rd International Biennial, Vila Verde, Portugal

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