a Thing 
Video | 9’52” | colour | sound

“A Thing” is a representation of a physical space, a space full of experiences and abstract fragments of polychrome memories. The space borders were changed, resulting in a memory transformation, creating a need to physically incorporate a specific and abstract memory.An Interpretation of the space “home”, an abstraction of a complex memory, represented as a mental map of a lived space. A private space voided of feelings and transported to a public space, oblivious to a comfort zone. These ephemeral fragments of memories and emotions, took the form of gestures (movements), which are repeated endlessly, until they are physically assimilated, replacing the physical space.

The performers interpretation is similar, due to the particular and spontaneous gestures. Even if the symbiosis of the two performers movements enchant or arouse the viewer, the act intends to be a unique trace of a private and intimate space within a public space. In its representation there is an alienation of the place where is performed that intends to be a “delicate” attempt of marking a territory, as something intimate, experienced. The body in action is surrounded by representative spaces of politico-economic power or neutral spaces, empty of any kind of political representation, where we can observed a better intimacy between body movements and space.

An attempt of detachment from the desire to return to the safe haven, the comfort zone which in turn is also filled with discomfort, since the public invades more and more the privacy. The representation of a lived space, devoid of any feeling that evaporates within the chosen spaces for the action.


 …my home | 2’56” | color | sound

A House…
Our house…
Her house…
She sees her, she sense her, she listen to her,
As something that absorbs her, that blocks her movements.
It is always happening, she doesn’t know why.
It could be because of her past memories in that house or the anxiety (fearfulness) of the time to come.

She feels a heavy pressure on her, whenever she’s inside that space.
A strong inertia embraces her,
And the unique movement that she makes is the tidiness of the space.
The melancholia connected with the ineffectiveness,
Transforms her in a domestic animal,
That surrounds the house from one side to the other,
Performing the recognition of that familiar space.

Sometimes she feels that she’s being sucked into a parallel space,
As she did not want to integrate that other space, reality.
She forces her self to move her limbs, sometimes it is difficult, impractical.
She acts, but in an ineffective way,
And second by second, the nonexistent movement absorbs her.
Her upper body meets her lower limbs, and she stays, still, inanimate.

Lara Morais


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